War Posters Silent Auction
Saturday, December 9, 10AM – 4PM
(part of Yarmarok Christmas Market)

War Posters from Ukraine, an exhibition of protest art by artists from Ukraine’s Pictoric Collective, has left an indelible mark on all who’ve experienced its powerful imagery. The 16 posters in this show portray the hardships and resilience of Ukrainians suffering under Russia’s ongoing assault.

Now, the Ukrainian Museum of Canada is giving you a chance to claim a piece of Pictoric’s impactful narrative by taking home one of their posters. Join us on December 9 at Yarmarok, our Christmas market, to participate in a silent auction of these art works.

You can place your bid on Pictoric posters from 10AM to 4PM, during Yarmarok, the museum’s annual Christmas Market. Bidding will close at 4PM and the winning bidders will be contacted. Winners will take their chosen poster home with them in early January when the exhibition concludes.

Your participation in the auction not only grants you a unique piece of history but also supports Ukrainian artists directly, as well as contributing to the Ukrainian Museum of Canada. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a tangible symbol of solidarity!

Questions? Email info@umcnational.ca today!