Workshop: Magic of Ukrainian Easter / Instructor: Karen Pidskalny

Thursday, March 21, 7 PM

Embark on a journey into the rituals and traditions of Ukrainian Easter through our immersive 3-hour workshop, “The Magic of Ukrainian Easter.” As a participant,
you will delve into the significance of the Easter basket, unraveling the profound symbolism behind each carefully placed element. Explore the time-honoured tradition of Pussy Willow Sunday, where branches are blessed and exchanged, heralding the arrival of spring. Discover how Ukrainians prepare for the solemnity of the Easter season by engaging in the reading of the 12 Gospels, a spiritual practice setting the stage for Easter’s culmination. Delve into the solemn and sacred moment of laying the shroud, a poignant ritual reflecting on the crucifixion.

Each workshop participant will master the art of baking traditional Paska bread, infused with rich symbolism, and leave the class with a freshly baked Paska. “The Magic of Ukrainian Easter” is not merely a workshop — it’s an odyssey into the heart of Ukrainian culture, a tradition rooted in spirituality and the joyous anticipation of Easter.

Fees: Members $40 (+tax) / Non-members $50 (+tax)