Taras Lachowsky: Vikna Project Saskatoon
Ongoing Exhibition at 910 Spadina Cr East

The Ukrainian Museum of Canada is delighted to announce the debut of an extraordinary art installation showcased in the museum’s front windows. The captivating exhibit, known as the Vikna Project Saskatoon, is the brainchild of renowned artist Taras Lachowsky from Guelph, Ontario. The project, made possible by the generous support of the City of Saskatoon Cultural Capital grant, promises to entice and enthrall visitors with its vibrant colours and intricate designs.

Taras Lachowsky, born in Canada in 1964 to Ukrainian parents, draws inspiration from his Ukrainian heritage. Grounded in the rich artistic traditions of Ukraine, Lachowsky’s creations showcase the beauty of paper cutting (vytynanky), embroidery (vishyvanky), and Easter egg-writing (pysanky). Employing a vivid palette and intricate patterns, his works offer a modern interpretation of age-old Ukrainian customs.

The Vikna Project Saskatoon (vikna means “window”) is the centerpiece of the Ukrainian Museum of Canada’s recent exterior revitalization, complemented by extensive landscaping and new streetlamp banners featuring designs by Lachowsky. Lachowsky’s artistic vision aligns seamlessly with the museum’s ongoing transformation, aiming to introduce the broader Saskatoon and Canadian public to the Ukrainian lexicon and present traditional ideas through contemporary lenses. These distinct works of art embody the vision of the museum and warmly invite visitors to explore its cultural treasures.

What distinguishes Lachowsky’s window designs is their uniqueness. Each creation is a testament to his eclectic range of influences and inspirations. From the Ukrainian fascination with the power of the circle to factory-made Ukrainian decal ceramics, from the mystical Motanka amulet dolls to the enchantment of gardens at dusk, Lachowsky’s windows represent a tapestry of Ukrainian heritage. Moreover, his designs reflect the concept of windows as portals to the soul, the ancient roots of Ukraine intertwined with the stars, and the imperative of healing in the present day.

The Ukrainian Museum of Canada invites everyone to visit the museum and immerse themselves in the Vikna Project. Lachowsky’s dazzling window installations promise to captivate viewers and provide a fresh perspective on Ukrainian traditions. Through this project, the museum reaffirms its commitment to preserving and promoting Ukrainian heritage while embracing contemporary art forms that bridge past and present.