Lecture: Nadya Foty-Oneschuk – Beliefs and Being: The Role of Nature in the Formation of Traditional Ukrainian Perspective
Thursday, October 19, 2023, 7:00 PM

Join us for a lecture on superstitions and beliefs in ancient Ukraine by Dr. Nadya Foty-Oneshcuk.

Studies of Ukrainian folklore reveal that since time immemorial, a rich belief system rooted in nature thrived among those residing in the land now known as Ukraine. Their agrarian way of life naturally led them to rely on and deeply respect nature.

These ancient Ukrainians were polytheistic, placing their faith in numerous powers associated with nature, which they believed guided and protected their families and livelihoods. They also developed an understanding of potential threats in their surroundings and took precautions to ensure everyone’s safety. Many cherished Ukrainian traditions that persist today originated from these humble beginnings.

As Ukrainians explore and strive to preserve their distinct cultural heritage, they are increasingly interested in learning about these early belief systems.

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About Nadya Foty-Oneschuk

Dr. Foty-Oneschuk is an instructor of Ukrainian language, a cultural ethnographer, and folklorist, with an expertise in Ukrainian Canadian folklore. Her research focuses on Ukrainian Canadian culture, with a special interest in ritual, most notably wedding traditions. In addition to language teaching, Nadya has taught a variety of culture classes throughout her career, including such topics as folk songs, Ukrainian Canadian culture, oral history, and the anthropology of Ukraine. Nadya is currently the interim director of the Prairie Centre of Ukrainian Heritage. Dr. Foty-Oneschuk is known for her keen and active involvement with students, for which she has been awarded a University of Saskatchewan Teaching Excellence Award on two occasions. Further, she is proud of her work with the U of S Ukrainian Students’ Association in her capacity as their long-time advisor, which has boasted the largest membership nationally several times. For the last decade, Nadya has worked tirelessly in the promotion of Ukrainian studies on campus and in the local community, and looks forward to a bright and dynamic future for the program.

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