Ukrainian Treasure Hunt & Garage Sale
Saturday, July 15, 9AM–3PM

Last year, following a massive clean-up of the Museum, we hosted a garage sale and raised several hundred dollars for our programming. Now, we’ve cleaned even more, and will be selling gently used office furniture and supplies, books, kitchenware, and donated household goods, along with a collection of vintage Ukrainian items at our first ever combined Ukrainian Treasure Hunt & Garage Sale!

We’d love your help. Please ask us about donating your Vintage Items! And if you’re emptyhanded and are looking for a little something to remind you of Baba’s house, come by for a cup of coffee and do some shopping on July 15!


Call for Ukrainian Vintage Items!

We want your vintage items! On July 15, 2023, we will sell them at our first Ukrainian Treasure Hunt!

If you are looking to declutter your Ukrainian glassware and ceramics, clothing and dance costumes, cookbooks and books, textiles, jewelry, souvenirs, music, or other vintage items, we can help find new homes for them, where they will be well-loved and kept in the community!

We are accepting goods as consignments or donations from June 10 to July 10. The Museum will take 25% on all consigned goods. On July 15, in conjunction with our annual Garage Sale, we will host a Ukrainian Treasure Hunt!

Join us at the Treasure Hunt for music, coffee, and cold drinks, and to meet up with old and new friends.

Consigned vintage items not sold on July 15 will be held for sale in the Museum’s Gift Store or returned to owners; donated items may be sold in the Gift Store or donated to a local charity.

Ukrainian Treasure Hunt & Garage Sale: Saturday, July 15, 9AM-3PM