Pysanky: Icons of the Universe
On view March 2 to April 15, 2022 

People around the world have been decorating eggs since time immemorial, but by far the best known are those from Ukraine: pysanky. The word pysanka (singular) comes from the Ukrainian word pysaty, meaning “to write.” These eggs are not painted but dyed using a wax-resistant technique in which designs are written on the eggs using a kystka dipped in wax.  

The Ukrainian Museum of Canada has been teaching the art of pysanka for generations as well as collecting psyanky. This exhibition of pysanky drawn from the museum’s permanent collection honors the efforts and expertise of Mary Tkachuk, Marie Kishchuk, and Alice Nicholaichuk, authors of the 1977 classic Pysanka: Icon of the Universe, published by the Ukrainian Museum of Canada.  

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