Archives Week Celebration Open House
Friday, February 10, 2023, 10 AM to 4:30 PM
Free, everyone welcome.

Beyond our stunning collection of pysanky, textiles, artefacts, and art works, the Ukrainian Museum of Canada is home to an extensive library and archives – including a large collection of vintage Ukrainian Canadian music!

During Archives Week, you can enjoy our exhibitions along with music, as we’ll be spinning vinyl records from the collection all day. Bring a friend to enjoy some tunes, coffee, treats, and great conversation. Everyone is welcome!

About Archives Week:
Archives Week is presented by the Saskatchewan Council for Archives and Archivists (SCAA) in honour of our province’s heritage and the work that has gone into ensuring its preservation. Promoting the role of archives in society, the SCAA celebrates “Archives Week” in Saskatchewan on the first full week of February. This week-long event also kicks off Heritage month and coincides with the birthday of Edmund H. Oliver, who was the first professor of history at the University of Saskatchewan, and arguably the father of archives in this province.

Archives Week fosters Saskatchewan identity and pride in our past with displays and special events across the province presented by SCAA members. It elevates the role of our province’s archival institutions as keepers of authentic evidence of our past, keeping archives on our map! Find out more about Archives week, the SCAA, and the role of archives in Saskatchewan here: