Library Update

The cultural heritage of Ukrainians in Canada includes literature, popular publications, historical records, music, and film, along with the objects one typically sees in our exhibitions, such as clothing, tools, and art works. Over the past several decades, generous donors have contributed thousands of books and journals, record albums, films and videos, and photographs to the Ukrainian Museum of Canada.  

Like many heritage museums, however, our Museum has often struggled to properly catalogue and organize these resources. The last major cataloguing process was undertaken well over a decade ago. However, beginning in May 2022, the work on our Library has been renewed. 

Over the past few months, we have opened and sorted hundreds of boxes of books and historical records. These include Ukrainian and Ukrainian-Canadian novels, books of poetry, plays, and children’s books, along with biographies and history books, religious publications, and more.  

The Library is not yet ready for public access, as its holdings still require some editing and cataloguing. However, anybody interested in viewing our Library can do so accompanied by a staff member. Work has begun on the creation of a digital catalogue, for researchers, students, and others to access from around the world, and a long-term goal includes the construction of a geneological research centre/resource room. We also have many films, videos, and record albums that require digitization to ensure that they remain accessible and preserved for future generations.  

The Museum would be very grateful to hear from any Ukrainian-speaking and -reading volunteers who may be interested in helping us in our ongoing Library work. Please call (306) 244-3800 to speak with someone about this opportunity.