The Ukrainian Museum of Canada is a fertile research environment. We are keen to bring in different perspectives that build on our own research, and to host scholars, curators, and student researchers.

In light of this ambition, the museum invites inquiries from potential student applicants for limited funded research programs and internships, as well as requests from all researchers – scholarly or amateur – seeking access to our collections and archives.

We are particularly looking for individuals with research interests that align with the following themes, where they draw upon the Ukrainian Museum of Canada’s collections:

  • Gender, religion, and community among first- and second-wave Ukrainian settlers.
  • The legacies of the World War I internment camps in Canada.
  • Historic relations between Ukrainian settlers and First Nations/Métis people.
  • Research drawing upon the textile collections, or that provides new perspectives on the art of pysanky.
  • The integration experiences of five waves of Ukrainian immigrants to Canada.
  • Museums, people and communities research focusing on the what, how and why of heritage museum engagement and programming.