Dear Friends and Supporters,

As we eagerly anticipate the warmer months ahead, I extend a heartfelt greeting to each of you on behalf of the museum’s Board and staff. Your steadfast support remains the cornerstone of our mission and accomplishments.

Two years ago, I assumed the role of Executive Director with the task of guiding the museum toward sustainability. In this relatively short time, we’ve made significant progress, of which I am immensely proud. We’ve expanded our presence locally, nationally, and internationally, with our membership growing by 150 percent. Enhancements to our facilities, including landscaping, signage, and interior renovations, have elevated the visitor experience. Our exhibitions continue to draw larger and more diverse audiences, and we’ve secured substantial increases in grant funding.

Today, we embark on an ambitious fundraising campaign to establish an endowment that will secure the museum’s future for generations to come. Great institutions rely on strong endowments, and we invite you to support us through our Dollar-A-Day Program, offering various contribution levels.

Bronze (Бронза) Level:
$1/day or $30/month

Silver (Срібло) Level:
$1.66/day or $50/month

Gold (Золото) Level:
$3.33/day or $100/month

Platinum (Платина) Level:
$5/day or $150/month

To become a member of this club, please visit our donation page here:, visit the museum to fill out a form, or call us to arrange for your donation.

Our goal is to raise $2 million for the endowment over the next three years. However, we face challenges ahead. Recent government spending cuts, particularly to the Department of Canadian Heritage, our primary funding source, have posed significant financial strain. These cuts impact our ability to provide essential programs and services. Therefore, support from our members is more critical than ever. Your monthly donation, combined with our existing funds, will play a pivotal role in safeguarding, promoting, and celebrating the richness and diversity of Ukrainian heritage for generations to come.

Beyond fundraising, our thoughts turn to the tourist season and our summer exhibitions. We’re thrilled to present a stunning display of works by the late Vasyl Stratiychuk, a uniquely gifted artist whose contributions to the preservation of traditional Ukrainian Christian sacred art are immeasurable. He completed a number of iconostases in Canada and beautified numerous churches with his woodwork and icons, leaving an indelible mark on Ukrainian cultural heritage in this country. 

We’re equally excited to present the exhibition James Nicholas and Sandra Semchuk: We Are Here / Ōta nitayānān. This contemporary, photo-based exhibition showcases the work of Sandra Semchuk, a Saskatchewan-born Ukrainian Canadian artist and Governor General Award winner, and her late husband, the Rock Cree artist James Nicholas. Over 15 years, these two artists collaborated to explore the effects of colonialism and bigotry, as well as the connections between Indigenous and Ukrainian cultures, through the lens of their intercultural marriage.

The exhibition Songs of the Ancestors will be ongoing until the end of August. This innovative reinterpretation of our permanent collection has drawn visitors from across the globe.

Our captivating presentation of early pioneer tools has proven to be especially popular, and the inclusion of family photos alongside their corresponding stories has inspired many members and visitors to contribute images and histories from their own families. If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience this exhibition yet, we encourage you not to miss it this summer. Be sure to explore our showcase of ceramics by Peter Rupchan, as well as the remarkable miniature recreation of his family homestead by Mike Harbuz.

This summer, our calendar is filled with an array of seasonal celebrations, intriguing workshops, and special events, including our annual Ivana Kupala on July 6, intercultural beading workshops, our summer camp for children of displaced Ukrainians, our ever-popular Ukrainian garage sale, and our collaboration with Kyiv’s Maidan Museum for Saskatoon’s Ukrainian Day in the Park. We eagerly anticipate your participation!

In these challenging times, preserving and celebrating Ukrainian cultural heritage has never been more important. We stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Ukraine, who are fighting for our culture, for democracy, and for their lives. Ukrainians in the diaspora, like us, have a vital role to play in supporting these efforts.

Слава Україні! Героям слава!

Jen Budney
Executive Director and CEO