The Ukrainian Museum of Canada is more than a museum in Saskatoon. We are a network of museums across Canada dedicated to the promotion of Ukrainian cultural life, all established by the Ukrainian Women’s Association of Canada. The headquarters of the Ukrainian Museum of Canada are in Saskatoon, and we have branches across the country:

Ukrainian Museum of Canada, Ontario Branch:

Founded in 1944, the Ontario Branch of the Ukrainian Museum of Canada is located at the St. Vladimir Institute in Toronto. The museum houses more than 6,000 artifacts, predominantly textiles, that have been collected, researched, documented, photographed, and preserved to professional museum standards by a cast of dedicated volunteers and a professional administrator, along with a gorgeous gift shop. Every year, the museum produces at least one major thematic exhibition. The Ontario Branch is open year-round.

Ukrainian Museum of Canada, Manitoba Branch:

The Manitoba Branch, which was formed in 1950, has its roots in a 1928 exhibit of traditional items by thirteen ethnic groups of “new Canadians”, sponsored by the Canadian Handicraft Guild in Winnipeg. Staffed by volunteers on the ground floor of the Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral, the museum and gift shop are open during summer months.

Ukrainian Museum of Canada, Alberta Branch:

East-central Alberta, northeast of Edmonton, is home to Canada's oldest and largest Ukrainian bloc settlement. Established in 1944 in Edmonton, the Alberta Branch of the Ukrainian Museum of Canada was Alberta's first Ukrainian museum. Staffed by volunteers, it has been awarded Recognized Museum Status by the Alberta Museums Association. The Alberta Branch houses thousands of artifacts illustrating many aspects of the cultural heritage of Ukrainians in Canada.

Ukrainian Museum of Canada, Calgary Collection:

The Calgary Collection, housed at St. Vladimir's Ukrainian Orthodox Sobor, focuses on educational programming for schools and adults. Curated exhibitions are open to the public by appointment and during limited hours over the year. The dedicated volunteers of the Calgary Collection offers group and school tours of St. Vladimir’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church and the Museum, with programs aimed at adult and senior groups and children taking the Grade 3 and Grade 4 Social Studies program.