The vision, mission, and values of the Ukrainian Museum of Canada are rooted in those of our founders, the Ukrainian Women’s Association of Canada, who established our institution to nurture the Ukrainian heritage of Canada as a living culture.

We honour our founders and all the successive generations of Ukrainian women and men who have supported the Museum with their creativity, faith, hard work, and resources.


We are committed to ensuring that the diversity, richness, and impact of the culture, history, and heritage of Ukrainian people in Canada, Ukraine, and around the globe are valued, understood, and celebrated.


The Ukrainian Museum of Canada cultivates rich and diverse knowledge and appreciation of the experiences, cultures, and histories of Ukrainians in Canada, Ukraine, and the greater diaspora.


Reciprocity and Collaboration: mutually transformational exchanges with shared benefits for all partners and stakeholders.

Authenticity: care for the knowledge and teaching that the UMC is entrusted to research and share.

Creativity and Innovation: a continuing spirit of creative inquiry which leads to innovative responses and renewal.   

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: a recognition of the diversity inherent in our society and the importance of the wide variety of voices and perspectives that this engenders.

Integrity: honesty, openness, and ethical behaviour in research, information sharing, educational programming, and public engagement in general.

Stewardship: caring for the collection for the benefit of future generations.