2023 Diane J. Ortynsky Memorial Scholarship Winner

Congratulations to Taisa Rudy, the 2023 recipient of the Diane Ortynsky Scholarship, which is awarded by the Ukrainian Museum of Canada. Taisa is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Neuroscience at the University of Saskatchewan. With a passion for Ukrainian dance that spans approximately 13 years, Taisa initially trained with the Saskatoon School of Dance before becoming a member of Boyan Ukrainian Dance. Presently, she is a full cast member with the Pavlychenko Folklorique Ensemble.

Taisa’s educational journey began at Bishop Filevich Ukrainian Bilingual School, where she remained until grade 8. She then completed her high school education at St. Joseph High School, graduating on the Principal’s Honour Roll with Distinction. Actively engaged in her community, Taisa attends Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Church and volunteers at various events. Additionally, she annually contributes to Saskatoon Folkfest, volunteering and performing at the Ukrainian Karpaty Pavilion. Taisa’s commitment to leadership roles in the Ukrainian community is evident in her position as Vice-President of the Ukrainian Orthodox Youth organization (CYMK) and her role as a counselor at Green Grove Ukrainian Orthodox Youth Camp.

Receiving the Diane Ortynsky Scholarship is a significant honour for Taisa, as it will empower her to continue her involvement in the Ukrainian culture while pursuing her post-secondary studies. She expresses gratitude to the Ukrainian Museum of Canada and the Ortynsky family for this esteemed recognition.

For more information on the Diane J. Ortynsky Memorial Scholarship, please contact the Museum at: info@umcnational.ca or call (306) 244-3800.

The Ukrainian Museum of Canada is grateful to the friends and family of Diane Ortynsky for establishing an endowment for this purpose.