The Ukrainian Museum of Canada’s longstanding annual Yalynka campaign honours the memories and legacies of loved ones. Donors to the campaign see the names of those they remember inscribed on ornaments for the Museum’s Christmas tree. It is a special campaign that helps preserve community memory and spirit of love that pervades the Christmas season.

The Museum thanks the following individuals for their 2023 Yalynka contributions and we honour those whose memories were preserved through their loved ones’ donations:

Andy and Pat Ciona, in memory of Mary Ciona and Pauline Mulka

Darcia and Randy Evans, in memory of Olena Garrity

Ann Ewanchuk, in memory of Michaylo, Erinka, Woldomir, Evan, and Louie Spak, Ann Ewanchuk and Nell Anderson

Rose Fedorak, in memory of Steve and Annie Fedorak

Marusia Foster, in memory of Dr. Peter and Rose Kondra, and all those past and present who contribute to the Ukrainian Museum of Canada

Stan and Pat Hawryliw, in memory of the deceased members of the Hawryliw and Wiwchar families

Larry and Alicia Klopoushak, in memory of Lucy and Syl Syrnick, Anne and Stan Klopoushak

Cecilia and Albert Kachkowski, in memory of Gerry Metrunec

Taras and Dorothy Korol, in memory of Rose and Nick Duch, Mary and Andrew Korol

Jean Maksymiuk, in memory of Helen Maksymiuk and Prof. Dmetro Maksymiuk

Andy Iwanchuk, in memory of Augustine Iwanchuk

Ukrainian Women’s Association of Canada Saskatoon – Hanka Romanchych Branch, in memory of Lorraine Penteliuk and Alice Nicholaichuk

Vera Webster, in memory of Gerald Yaholnitsky, Nadia Sochaski

Larry Wiwcharuk, in memory of Mary G. Wiwcharuk

Sonia Mysak, in memory of David Mysak and Mary Harasym

Nancy Yasinowski, in memory of James Yasinowski

Lesia Perrit, in memory of Clifford Perritt, Josephine and Stephen Talpash

Steve Pillipow, in memory of Sophie Pillipow

Stephanie Balon, in memory of Mary and Michael Savisky

Sonia Sokyrka, in memory of George, Phyllis, Nellie and Peter, Eugene

Orysia Kurczaba, in memory of Olga Kurczaba

Roman Chez, in memory of Mts. Katherine Chyz

Phyllis Schwartz, in memory of Savella Soloduke Simmons, and the Soloduke family: Ann and Dmytro, Mary, Bill Sally, Jolie, Walter

Kathy Yuzda, in memory of Lawrence Yuzda, F,R,M,F Rusnak, Doreen Hunka

Mary Humen, in memory of Ann Fedeyko and Rozalia Mauthe

Mary Petrow, in memory of Michael B. Petrow, John and Annie Petrow, Tony and Annie Sawchuk, Rev. Hryhory and Lesia Udod

Natalie Ostryzniuk

Lesia Soltykevych, in memory of Mother Anne Fedeyko

Chris Sherban, in memory of Ivan and Michelina Sherban

Marianne Makowsky, in memory of D. Mitch Makowsky, Walter and Natalia Baziuk, Stephen and Katherine Makowsky